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Divine Dimension

March 24, 2009 by
In meditation we center awareness on the innermost level of our being to invoke a heightened state of spirituality.Tuning in to our intonations focuses on the etheric level and serves to return us to the source and true meaning of our hemble earthly existence.
Vedic yogi-seers advise to meditate on sound alone to control the prana (energy, breath) from nabhi (source) through regulated breathing. The deep soothing tonals emanating from bansuri (Indian bomboo flute) is an ancient instrument endowed by nature and fashioned by man to create a unique meditational ambience that facilitates stillness of thought, calmness of mind and harmonizing internal energy.
Divine Dimension presents compositions that support meditative practice, including a one hour meditation, and features bansuri, tamboura, sitar, synth, chant and percussion. The music quietens the mind and facilitates a deep spiritual experience
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